New Zealand Stock Exchange Negative trading on New York's Landex last week saved prices down to significant levels 1.3390 This explains Guo Al Bayaa trying to continue landing but We also notice on the weekly basis the most important levels of support because it represents the optimal basis for the broken trend, which indicates the possibility of the emergence of Guo buy to raise prices with us to new heights


Canadian Dollar Trading prices are the highest levels of daily resistance on the four-volume levels as we notice the arrival of prices to support levels 1.3390 and the emergence of positive signals to continue with us ascending So resistance levels 1.3515 Which shows the probability of continuing to climb and break down and close higher resistance levels We are seeing prices rise to new levels Unless the daily candlestick is broken down bel...


INDEX franc The trading of the franc francs on the daily FRM shows strong buyers trying to raise prices as we can see on the chart attached above However, with the general bearishness, we expect the bullish wave to end at resistance level 2.0288 We notice a drop in prices again to the initial support levels 2.0010 and broken it will continue with us negative trading to new support