usd.cad@ 22.7.2019

Canadian Dollar Weekly News The pair is moving in a bullish direction within the price channel model And it is located at the areas of the concentric arteries, which soon indicates the occurrence of upward movement and we note on the Frimat least daily The four-capacity finite discharge is expected The emergence of Guaraih to raise prices may continue with us until the level 1.3555

usd.chf@ 22/7/2019

The gold level of the daily CFD for the USD / CHF pair was close to the price 0.9950 We noted the emergence of Guo Pibe to reduce prices as seen by the attached insect Indicating a bearish trend dominated by the BAYA but expect a break for the downtrend In the next few days Unless the main downside trend continues to break the bottom 0.9800 Let us continue the decline

gbp.usd @ 22/7/2019

Positive trading on the pair has succeeded in breaching and closing the upside trend with positive candor As we observe the shows further illustrates the rise during this week Expected to continue until daily resistance level 1.2760 It is a CD The extended wave pattern is tortured up to daily resistance levels