Australian dollar and the level of purchase?On the daily frame, we notice from the current trades that the prices reach important areas that represent daily support for the prices near the lower side of the bullish channel for the Australian dollar.We also note with the chart above that the Moving Index 100 has agreed with the support areasExpect prices to rise to 200 Fibonacci levelsIt is at the level of 0.7040


Dollar Yen and bullish channel?The dollar yen pair is trading within a bullish price channel pattern as we notice on the daily chart with the formation of an upward wave that continued with us until the level of 110.30We note the agreement of this level with the upper side of the bullish price channelTo expect a correction of prices, which will continue with us to the level of 108.70Note that our view towards the downside ends with a breakout and...


Canadian dollar and selling areas?Important levels reached by the dollar against the Canadian dollar, as we notice an occasional trading from last week when these areas indicate the strength of these places1.3090 and 1.3050 levelExpecting it to drop prices to 1.2900 levels as a first target and 1.2800Unless the high resistance level 1.3090 is breached and closed